Evening twilight by the River Clyde revealed these perfect reflections of the Glasgow Clyde Arc Bridge.

This photograph was taken at the Lancefield Quay side of the River Clyde which has undergone some development to extend the ncr75  walkway, which allows this unique and splendid view of the Clyde Arc bridge to be photographed. I took various shots of the bridge from this viewpoint from landscape to portrait orientation while the evening twilight was descending, and the reflections remained absolutely still and crystal clear for the duration I was there.  This square crop of the bridge is my favorite as it shows not least of all the stunning detail of the reflection and the blue hour twilight just before darkness fell.

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Evening twilight shot of the Glasgow Clyde Arc Bridge. with perfect reflections on the River Clyde.  <br><a href="https://shop.photo4me.com/picture.aspx?id=368687&f=canvas"><FONT COLOR="f59042">Buy Print or Canvas</FONT><a/>   <a href="https://shop.photo4me.com/picture.aspx?id=368687&f=canvas"><img src="https://www.photoscotland.net/captionpic/p4me.jpg" ><a/>

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