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Having used many shared hosting providers over the years, I decided to try a self-managed VPS so that I can have full control over the technologies that run my website.
Although, I did opt for a £2/month trial for 6 months, and then I could decide whether to continue with the VPS or go back to shared hosting if it didn’t work out for me.
That was October 2021, and after the trial discount, I decided to stick with the VPS from IONUS, (Size M) I’m very happy with this VPS and pay only £6/month, which is cheaper than any shared hosting providers I’ve used in the past. I also get 2 vCores CPU, 2GB RAM, and an 80GB SSD which, for now, is more than enough for this website.

Although I had a choice to use the Plesk control panel + Linux OS with my IONOS VPS OS installation, I instead opted just to use a Linux OS, as I wanted to use Openlitespeed, which Plesk does not support yet. This also meant I would have to use Cyberpanel control panel.

Debian would have been my first choice of OS, but Cyberpanel does not support it; also, there are only two control panels that Openlitespeed support; Cyberpanel and DirectAdmin control panels. OpenLitespeed is free, but using any other control panel would require purchasing a Litespeed license.
I tried a version of Ubuntu, but I got a lot of errors with this OS when installing Cyberpanel. Centos 7 was my third choice and probably the best choice, as it went smoothly
and I’ve had very few problems since installing it; any problems have been fixed quickly and easily as there is lots of information on the web including Cyberpanel forums.

VPS, operating system – Centos 7 Linux (I’ll be installing Almalinux in the near future since support for Centos 7 will stop in a few years)                               

       PHP 8.2.5            WordPress 6.2.2

For more detailed information on this or any other website, you can check this link here  https://w3techs.com