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Having used many shared hosting providers over the years, I decided to try a self-managed VPS so that I can have full control over the technologies that run my website.
Although, I did opt for a £2/month trial for 6 months, and then I could decide whether to continue with the VPS or go back to shared hosting if it didn’t work out for me.
That was October 2021, and after the trial discount, I decided to stick with the VPS from IONUS, (Size M) I’m very happy with this VPS and pay only £6/month, which is cheaper than any shared hosting providers I’ve used in the past. I also get 2 vCores CPU, 2GB RAM, and an 80GB SSD which, for now, is more than enough for this website.

Although I had a choice to use the Plesk control panel + Linux OS with my IONOS VPS OS installation, I instead opted just to use a Linux OS, as I wanted to use Openlitespeed, which Plesk does not support yet. This also meant I would have to use Cyberpanel control panel.

Debian would have been my first choice of OS, but Cyberpanel does not support it; also, there are only two control panels that Openlitespeed support; Cyberpanel and DirectAdmin control panels. OpenLitespeed is free, but using any other control panel would require purchasing a Litespeed license.
I tried a version of Ubuntu, but I got a lot of errors with this OS when installing Cyberpanel. Centos 7 was my third choice and probably the best choice, as it went smoothly
and I’ve had very few problems since installing it; any problems have been fixed quickly and easily as there is lots of information on the web including Cyberpanel forums.

VPS, operating system – Centos 7 Linux (I’ll be installing Almalinux in the near future since support for Centos 7 will stop in a few years)  

UPDATE 17/06/2023  I now have Almalinux8.8  installed as of June 14, 2023.
UPDATE 26/06/2023 I updated to PHP 8.2.7  I also recompiled GD module to enable AVIF function.
UPDATE 14/07/2023  I updated to PHP 8.2.8 and recompiled GD module to enable AVIF function
UPDATE 18/08/2023 Updated to PHP 8.2.9  and recompiled GD module to enable AVIF function

The installation went quite smoothly, but I did have a few configuration problems to sort out afterward, including SSL, HSTS, and databases. Thankfully, I got them sorted quite quickly, and I always have a complete backup of my files, so I could revert back to the previous OS if needed. 

This is a much leaner OS compared to my previous installation, as there is much less RAM and file usage than with the CentOS install. I can also now enable a function on a certain PHP module that was not possible with my previous install.

I’m really pleased with this OS, as it is the “forever-free enterprise Linux distribution” and has security support until 2029.                                                   

       PHP 8.2.8            WordPress 6.2.2

For more detailed information on this or any other website, you can check this link here  https://w3techs.com