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Loch Lomond Canvas Prints

           The spellbinding Milarrochy Bay tree partially submerged on the East bank shore of Loch Lomond.

          This photograph of the Milarrochy tree was shot after a few days of heavy rain during the late afternoon at Loch Lomond. For this particular
          image I decided to take a long exposure totaling 154 seconds at f13 using an ND filter, I also used a polarizing filter to  show and bring out the detail
          of the pebbles under the water, as seen in the image below.

          This is just one of many photographs of the Milarrochy Bay tree at Loch Lomond which you will find in my portfolio taken at different times of the
          day and all through the seasons.

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Loch Lomond in the mist

Another morning shot to catch the remaining mist which was lingering on the east shore of Loch Lomond.  As you can see in the image below, the little clump of trees were shedding the last of their autumn colours and the mist surrounding them helped the trees really stand out in this minimulistic shot. The 25 second exposure I used also helped to smooth out any ripples and movement in the water, and just in time too, as the mist soon lifted revealing the landscape behind the trees which of course transformed the scene from this lovely, simple and uncluttered view into the complete opposite. Three other shots from the Loch Lomond mist morning shoot are also shown below as thumbnails.  If you would like to purchase any of these images as a high resolution and quality print or canvas, then please click on a image for available print options.

Lone trees shedding the last of their autumn leaves reflecting on the mist covered water of Loch Lomond