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Solar Eclipse 2015

The weather today (Friday 20th March) in Glasgow was not looking good for this rare solar event as the sky was covered in cloud. I reluctantly set-up my camera and tripod just in case the Sun broke through, but I was not convinced it would. To my surprise not long after I set-up I saw the crescent Sun peek through the cloud cover and glimpsed my first Solar event.

I used a b&w 10 stop ND filter in front of my 400mm f5.6 L lens and used live view on my 5dMKIII DSLR to set the exposure etc. I got my first image around 9.17am and managed to get a few more images during the different phases of the eclipse until about 9.45 when it started to rain a little.

The shot below is my favourite of the few images I got as I like the drama taken place in the sky as the crescent Sun breaks through the cloud cover.

Click image for larger preview
20th March 2015 Solar eclipse as seen from Glasgow at 9.17am during a break in the cloud cover.
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A few more images from 20/03/2015 Solar Eclipse


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